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Finnish Apron from Kekomäki- The inspiration

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Cecilia Jonsdotter, 42nd Queen of Drachenwald

Cecilia Jonsdotter, 42nd Queen of Drachenwald

When the 42nd Queen of Drachenwald (Queen Cecilia Jonsdotter) took me up on my offer to make her a Finnish Spiral apron, I was more than excited and a little nervous as well. For me, it is always nerve wrecking to make something for someone else. This is because of my personal battle of being a perfectionist and fear that what I make will not be EXACTLY what someone has asked for (even though her Majesty is the sweetest person, ever, and would be happy with anything she got). But either way, I had to overcome my fear and so, my search for the perfect spiral pattern began.

At first I did my normal search on the Internet and looked closely at the aprons featured in the Ancient Finnish Costumes.pdf but THEN I received an amazing book in the mail!

One happy customer!

One happy customer!


It was a reprinted copy of Theodore Schwind’s book: Tietoja Karjalan rautakaudesta from 1893 which can be purchased here (It is written only in Finnish but the drawings are worth the purchase).  It had amazing drawings of aprons found in the ancient village of Kekomäki in the area known as Kaukola. (This area is part of now a day Russia) and it contained the PERFECT pattern.

pg. 41

pg. 41, Schwind

Now that i had my “Inspiration” the next step needed to be started…the “plotting.” 🙂

Stay tuned…



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